Patty Kikos Sydney Vow Renewals
So many couples for many different reasons wish to renew their marriage vows at some point in their lives. This is a very romantic thing to do and it may be because you have come to Australia to celebrate your anniversary and wish to go that little bit further with a ceremony.

Perhaps you were married overseas or interstate and family and friends were unable to attend. A special ceremony can be written and a printed copy given to you as a memento together with a Certificate of Re-Affirmation of Wedding Vows to celebrate this happy occasion.

Why not re-affirm your vows on a special anniversary? This can be done in the privacy of your home or a venue of your choice. You will receive an A4 parchment certificate as a keepsake of your re-affirmation of vows.

There are times when a married couple may feel it is appropriate to express and renew their love and commitment, especially when celebrating special anniversaries such as, first, tenth, twenty, thirty, or fifty year anniversaries.

In celebrating a Renewal of Vows Ceremony, the vows made on your special day come to the forefront and help to continue shaping your lives together. Such ceremonies are full of warmth and feeling. Re-affirmation or renewal of vows ceremonies are also suitable for married couples, which, after separation, are reunited.

Some couples have also felt the need to reaffirm their vows, when their original ceremony, for one reason or another was meaningless to them. Another common practice is when people marry overseas or into different cultures, they wish to celebrate the commitment to each other in front of family and friends on their return as a continued wedding festivity.

These ceremonies symbolise an on going commitment to each other as well as a pledge of your love. They also give you the opportunity to say thank you to each other for the dedication, love and friendship that you have shared throughout your married life during the difficult times and the fabulous ones as well.

TOTAL FEE $500 – fully payable upon booking

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