One of my favorite quotes states “Lives are like rivers: eventually they go where they must, not where we want them to.” Whether sudden or expected, the loss of someone close to you can be a difficult time as there are is so much that needs to be arranged. I can help you create a beautiful ceremony that pays homage to the one you have lost.

I offer you support in your time of grief to create a personalised farewell, tailored to reflect and celebrate memories of your loved one. The ceremony we plan together will not replace the person but will leave you with lasting memories of the way they have touched your life.

My services are personal and professional. I offer guidance in preparing a ceremony that honours the family and those who have died, especially if you wish to celebrate your loved one’s life in a way that is not traditional. There are no rules in a funeral ceremony. It can be as unique as the person we are remembering.

You might choose a setting such as a garden, a home, a beach or a chapel, and together we can create a ceremony that’s not only personal, meaningful, and unique, but also spiritual and full of love. It would be my honour to hold the space for with a ceremony that has a deep reverence and respect, as well as tender attention to detail and love.

TOTAL FEE $750 – fully payable upon booking
I’d love to hear about your ceremony plans. Why don’t you message me to see if I’m available on your special day?

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