snail-mail-a-forgotten-pleasure - Sydney Wedding CelebrantIt dawned on me recently that most of the post I receive in the mail consists of bills that need to be paid. On the odd occasion I receive invitations and thank you cards and occasionally even gifts from my overseas friends on my B’day or Christmas.

Im always delighted when I see my name and address handwritten on an envelope. In the microseconds that it takes for me to gleefully open the envelope; I mentally try to match the writing with the friend that might have sent it.

I was humbled and delighted when I received a card out of the blue from a friend in New York.  We met many years ago when we discovered the magic of Santorini at the same time.

Her words were heartfelt and genuine and for some reason their power seemed more potent to me than if I had read them in an email.

I felt blessed to be perceived as an ‘unapolagetic free spirit’ and so honoured that she thought that of me as it was not the way I would have described myself.The card was so beautiful that I was inspired to pop it n a frame and place it in my room. Every time I see it I feel encouraged knowing that somebody believes in me.

I’ve also been enthused to do exactly the same thing for those I admire that provide me with hope and inspiration. I’m starting small by selecting 12 beautiful cards, so 1 for every month.

I was the celebrant for my client Sarah and we were chatting about this recently. She said that writing thankyou cards for her guests was more poignant than the wedding invitations. “Everyone got the same invite, but it took me a while to finish the thankyou cards, as everyone’s physical and emotional contribution to the day was so different”

Do you write cards? Do you enjoy receiving them? Is it a girly thing?

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    This is tough. Im not calling you out though, personally I think that its those that arent motivated to change.


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