If you are unable to marry due to legal, religious or cultural reasons, or simply do not wish to marry, you can have a Commitment Ceremony.

They are available to couples who want to make a special commitment to each other, and publicly declare their promise in front of family and friends, without taking the step into legal marriage – for whatever reason.

Currently, under Australian Law, same sex couples cannot be married, yet however there are special love commitment ceremonies, also known as affirmation ceremonies, that can be celebrated. They are different to a marriage ceremony because the legal components are omitted and words must be stated that it is not a marriage but a commitment ceremony.

Essentially this means that you have greater choice with your ceremony. It is a public proclamation of the feelings shared by two people who love each other, providing them with an opportunity to have a meaningful ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.

The ceremony is delivered without gender or religious bias. They are not legal “weddings”, but are nevertheless a very real commitment by the two people involved.

Like any other ceremony, a commitment ceremony is carefully planned and written, and can include readings, a statement of commitment, the exchange of rings and music. It can take place in a garden, a home, a beach or any venue that is special to you the couple.

These ceremonies are for the individuals who require a unique, sensitive and special ceremony that reflects your commitment to each other and the start a lifetime union as a couple.

TOTAL FEE $450 – $200 non refundable deposit
& $250 to be paid a week before the ceremony


“Patty could our day have been any better? No wonder your business is called A Perfect Ceremony – its exactly what you delivered. I think half the fun was meeting up at your house and putting the ceremony together. We will miss you please keep in touch. xx”


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