No boring clichés, annoying jokes or cheesy vows!



When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: “I marry awesome people”

But what I really want to say is: “I hold the space for amazing transformations to take place – and it’s legal!”

And what I really, really want to say is… “I binge-watch TV shows like Vikings + Scandal, devour hot chips more than twice a week, secretly teach my 4 year old twin nephew & niece how to use words like ‘unequivocally’ in a sentence.”

Because I think it’s important to keep it real. And your REAL-ness as a couple is what makes your ceremony so special. I have a knack for weaving your uniqueness into your perfect ceremony.

I’m Patty Kikos, and somewhere between my first year of university and now, I metamorphosed into a carefully curated version of my best self. I’ve been a celebrant, speaker, yoga teacher & workshop facilitator for over 10 years.

When I ask couples what style of ceremony they’d love to have, they often tell me that they’re not sure. But what they are certain about is the type of ceremony they DON’T want.

No boring clichés, no annoying jokes, no inappropriate anecdotes, no feeling obliged to certain relatives, no drama, no outdated traditions and certainly no tired old readings or poems.

I’m not one of those celebrants that thinks that your ceremony ‘is-just-another-job-that-I-shouldn’t-take-personally’. I believe that it’s possible to do what you love for a living and this is one of the many reasons that I’m good at my job.

“We couldn’t have been happier with Patty as our wedding celebrant. We feel so lucky and blessed to have found her. It is so difficult to find a wedding celebrant that you feel comfortable and close with but the second we met with Patty we knew she was a perfect match for us. She has this unique ability to see and understand who you are as individuals and a couple, which helps incredibly to create a memorable and authentic ceremony. We received so many compliments about Patty and most of our guests thought we have known her for a long time. Patty truly cares about your big day and is extremely personable. She is super organised and you can be certain that she will show up on your big day ready to present her A++++ game. If you are looking for a celebrant that is caring, kind, organised and super personable and interested in who you are – then contact Patty, you won’t regret it! Thank you Patty for helping us make our ceremony so unique and special! We had the best time with you preparing for our big day!”


“Patty was absolutely amazing, she made our day feel really special. Her bubbly personality and gorgeous smile lit up the room and made everyone feel comfortable. It’s not just a job for Patty, its her passion and you can sense that as soon as you meet her. Our ceremony definitely wouldn’t have been the same without her. I cannot thank Patty enough for making the most important day of my wife and I’s lives so unique and wonderful. “


While I try to keep my approach to my work joyful and lighthearted, it’s just as important for me to be thorough and organised with the preparation that goes into your ceremony. I make everything about your ceremony nice and simple for you. Here’s how it works:

● Who You Are – What are your names?

● The Ceremony Date, Time & Location

● You’ll tell me all about you, & the type of ceremony you want

● I’ll outline the whole legal ceremony process for you

● You can ask as many questions as you like & I’ll happily answer them

● I’ll invoice you a deposit + some inspirational stuff

● You’ll pay the deposit and giggle over some of the funny vows I sent

● I’ll email your personalised draft & will take care of all legal paperwork

● I have a bit of OCD so I love to be involved with the finer details

● No question is a silly question so ask me anything – anytime, ok?

● I can help if you get stuck with anything tricky or overwhelming

● This is where we sign all legal documents

● You can make any last minute edits to your ceremony

● And we practice the ceremony so you’re less nervous on the day

● I get there early to hold the space as your guests arrive

● You get married with a perfect ceremony that you + your guests love

● I take care of all remaining legal paperwork by lodging it with BDM

I then usually take your certificate so it doesn’t get trashed on the day  and I lodge all the essential paperwork with Births Deaths & Marriages. Once you’re back from your honeymoon, I can either post it to you, or we can meet up for a coffee so I can see all the pics from your wedding!

  1.  I’ve been officiating weddings since 2006, and at the time, was one of the youngest ever qualified celebrants in all of Australia.
  2.  During some ‘surprise’ weddings, I have arrived incognito pretending to be the singer and subsequently fulfilling my dream to be a rock star. If only for 15 minutes.
  3.  Some guests still assume that I’m the wedding singer when I arrive at the venue, so I make sure I get there 30 minutes early. I love meeting your mums and dads, but it’s your eccentric over the top relatives who are always my favorite!
  4.  Holding the space for others is very important to me. When I have been a guest at other weddings, I have been traumatised by some celebrants who have made it all about them. {shudder} I make it all about you 2!
  5.  I’ve also been traumatised by speakers / celebrants that shout at the audience or wedding guests. This is why my portable PA system comes along with me so I can speak with you and your guests instead of at them.
  6.  It’s important for me to be very organised so that I can honour the OCD that’s a big part of my personality, but mostly to run a tight ship for you. I think it’s just as important to be flexible with the spontaneous flow of the day.
  7.  If you want someone else to MC the wedding ceremony and only want to hire an officiant to ‘do the legal bits really quickly’, then you’re not the right client for me, and more importantly, I’m not the right celebrant for you.
  8. So here’s me in a nutshell or a paragraph full of paradoxes:
    Earth lover. Spiritual mentor. Ocean dweller. Chakra balancer. Reformed perfectionist. Energy healer. Idiosyncratic fashionista. Yoga teacher. Chocolate addict. Wedding celebrant. Inspirational speaker. Gregarious introvert. Sunset worshipper. Doggy mama. Accredited Counsellor. Former dancer. Information junkie. Soulful entrepreneur. Womens activist. Creative visionary. Tri lingual. Pasta enthusiast. Netflix advocate. Proud aunty. Avid reader. Global humanitarian. Vintage aficionado. Coffee drinker. Conscious collaborator.

Marriage is an exciting time for all involved and remember, it’s your special day. It’s important that your ceremony flows in a style that suits you both. With this in mind I’d like to encourage you to work closely with me in putting together a ceremony that will always be remembered. Ceremonies can be formal, but can also be more relaxed if that’s what suits you.

A Civil Marriage Celebrant has certain obligations under the Marriage Act 1961 and these will be explained to you at your first meeting. Other than the few legal requirements that need to be in there, the marriage ceremony is totally your choice.

You will be supplied with samples of ceremonies and verses that can be used, however you are not obliged to use any of them. Additionally, you could mix and match parts of ceremonies to arrive at the most suitable ceremony for your particular requirements. It may well be that you are able to compose your complete ceremony and this is acceptable providing it complies with the obligations of the Marriage Celebrant under the Marriage Act.

Family and friends can also be involved. You can have certain readings or verses that you would like them to read for you. Some couples arrange for music to be played at the ceremony, this could be taped music; it could be a trio of musicians or even a Piper. I have a portable PA system that we can play your music through as well. Almost whatever it takes to complete your special day is possible.

At the completion of the ceremony you will be required to sign the Marriage Register and Marriage Certificates, together with two witnesses and the Marriage Celebrant.

TOTAL FEE $900 – $350 non refundable deposit and $550 to be paid a week before the ceremony
WEEKDAY $800 if you marry between Mon – Thurs – $300 non refundable deposit and $500 to be paid a week before the ceremony


“Hi Patty! Just a little note to say THANK YOU so much for Sunday. YOU were amazing, and really kept the whole ceremony together with style and humour. We couldn’t have done it without you.Thank you SO much.”

Lucy & Gaby xxxxxxxx

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These ceremonies are an alternative rite of passage to a christening or baptism and are growing in popularity. The ceremony is usually held in the comfort of your own home, in a park setting or venue of your choice.

Your child receives an A4 parchment certificate with the option for your guests’ signatures on the back as a memento of the day. You have the option of having Guardians, Mentors or Godparents.

A Name Giving Ceremony has long been the rite which society has used to welcome a child into the family, to the wider family of their relatives, and to the community of their friends.

Today, Civil Celebrants provide families with a wonderful opportunity to officially welcome their child into a loving circle of family and friends. Preparing a carefully worded ceremony often deepens relationships within families, and the parents and godparents, or mentors, become more aware of their responsibilities and connection to your family.

A Name Giving Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to culturally express joy, hope and acceptance, and a chance to express these feelings in poetry and words of commitment. This can also be symbolised by lighting of candles, planting and dedicating a tree, releasing of balloons or reading special verses.

TOTAL FEE $450 – $200 non refundable deposit
& $250 to be paid a week before the ceremony


Hi Patty, just wanted to say thankyou so much for the gorgeous
ceremony you delivered for Tabby. Our friends loved the way you
involved everyone. John and I think you’re truly amazing and we’ll
be calling you again when its time for number 2!


Debbie and John Fitzgerald and little Tabitha

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So many couples for many different reasons wish to renew their marriage vows at some point in their lives. This is a very romantic thing to do and it may be because you have come to Australia to celebrate your anniversary and wish to go that little bit further with a ceremony.

Perhaps you were married overseas or interstate and family and friends were unable to attend. A special ceremony can be written and a printed copy given to you as a memento together with a Certificate of Re-Affirmation of Wedding Vows to celebrate this happy occasion.

Why not re-affirm your vows on a special anniversary? This can be done in the privacy of your home or a venue of your choice. You will receive an A4 parchment certificate as a keepsake of your re-affirmation of vows.

There are times when a married couple may feel it is appropriate to express and renew their love and commitment, especially when celebrating special anniversaries such as, first, tenth, twenty, thirty, or fifty year anniversaries.

In celebrating a Renewal of Vows Ceremony, the vows made on your special day come to the forefront and help to continue shaping your lives together. Such ceremonies are full of warmth and feeling. Re-affirmation or renewal of vows ceremonies are also suitable for married couples, which, after separation, are reunited.

Some couples have also felt the need to re affirm their vows, when their original ceremony, for one reason or another was meaningless to them. Another common practice is when people marry overseas or into different cultures, they wish to celebrate the commitment to each other in front of family and friends on their return as a continued wedding festivity.

These ceremonies symbolise an on going commitment to each other as well as a pledge of your love. They also give you the opportunity to say thank you to each other for the dedication, love and friendship that you have shared throughout your married life during the difficult times and the fabulous ones as well.

Total Fee $450 $200 non refundable deposit
& $250 to be paid a week before the ceremony


“Oh Patty you were fabulous and did a wonderful job in a tough
crowd. It wasn’t easy to convince my very Greek husband to have a
ceremony that was unlike any other Orthodox experience he had
witnessed, and to have my in laws participate voluntarily – you
are a godsend!!! Thank you for uniting a once divided family and
helping us all appreciate the art of compromise, you will always
be in our hearts. Love Jen, Nick, Alexander, Stella and Michelle.”

The Santakis Mob

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If you are unable to marry due to legal, religious or cultural reasons, or simply do not wish to marry, you can have a Commitment Ceremony.

They are available to couples who want to make a special commitment to each other, and publicly declare their promise in front of family and friends, without taking the step into legal marriage – for whatever reason.

Currently, under Australian Law, same sex couples cannot be married, yet however there are special love commitment ceremonies, also known as affirmation ceremonies, that can be celebrated. They are different to a marriage ceremony because the legal components are omitted and words must be stated that it is not a marriage but a commitment ceremony.

Essentially this means that you have greater choice with your ceremony. It is a public proclamation of the feelings shared by two people who love each other, providing them with an opportunity to have a meaningful ceremony, surrounded by family and friends.

The ceremony is delivered without gender or religious bias. They are not legal “weddings”, but are nevertheless a very real commitment by the two people involved.

Like any other ceremony, a commitment ceremony is carefully planned and written, and can include readings, a statement of commitment, the exchange of rings and music. It can take place in a garden, a home, a beach or any venue that is special to you the couple.

These ceremonies are for the individuals who require a unique, sensitive and special ceremony that reflects your commitment to each other and the start a lifetime union as a couple.

TOTAL FEE $450 – $200 non refundable deposit

& $250 to be paid a week before the ceremony


Patty could our day have been any better? No wonder your
business is called A Perfect Ceremony – its exactly what you
delivered. I think half the fun was meeting up at your house and
putting the ceremony together. We will miss you please keep in touch. xx”

Georgia and Lysa

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I’d love to hear about your wedding ceremony plans. Why don’t you message me to see if I’m available on your special day?

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